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Roblox 2017 APK: The Best Way to Download and Play Roblox on Android

For those who want to play Roblox 2015, you can now download the 2015 APK. The APK contains the latest version of the game and is easy to install. After installing the APK, you will be able to start playing Roblox 2015. So if you want to explore a virtual world and create your own games, then download the Roblox 2015 APK from

During the 2017 Roblox Developers Conference, officials said that creators on the game platform, of which there were about 1.7 million as of 2017,[110] collectively earned at least $30 million in 2017.[111] The iOS version of Roblox passed $1 billion of lifetime revenue in November 2019,[112] $1.5 billion in June 2020,[113] and $2 billion in October 2020,[114] making it the iOS app with the second-highest revenue.[7] Several individual games on Roblox have accumulated revenues of over $10 million,[115] while developers as a whole on the platform were collectively projected to have earned around $250 million over the course of 2020.[116] It became the third highest-grossing game of 2020, with a revenue of $2.29 billion, below the Tencent titles PUBG and Honor of Kings.[117]

roblox 2017 download apk

In January 2017, toy fabricator Jazwares partnered with Roblox Corporation to produce toy minifigures based on user-generated content created by developers on the platform.[118] The minifigures have limbs and joints similar to that of Lego minifigures, though they are about twice the size.[119] The minifigures have limbs and accessories that are interchangeable. The sets included a code that was used to redeem virtual items, as well as blind boxes that contained random minifigures.[120][121] In 2019, Roblox Corporation released a new line of toys, branded the "Roblox Desktop" series.[122] On April 13, 2021, Roblox partnered with Hasbro to release Roblox-themed Nerf guns and a Roblox-themed Monopoly edition.[123]

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