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The Riviera of Dreams: A Symbol of Luxury and Refinement

As Marilyn Monroe stated in her famous song: "Diamonds are a woman's best friend," and how right she was! We don't really know what it is about these precious stones that make women adore them so completely. It could be their light or their beauty or fact that they can make you dream. If it were our choice, we would own plenty of them, without a doubt. Perhaps this is precisely why we love diamonds more than usual and that moment of magic when we see them in huge number, arranged one following the other, like a breathtaking diamond riviera. Who hasn't wished to own one?

The history of Rings For Couples

Diamond rivieras were reserved for special occasions such as receptions, weddings, and occasions that required a sophisticated dress code. Therefore, their display was reserved for just a few days, thus denying owners of the chance to enjoy these jewels on other occasions. This restriction was often determined by modesty. Wearing a Riviera every day was perceived as a way of displaying wealth, even though it was not the goal. Rivieres were rarely seen even on the red carpet, where celebrities were seen wearing them more naturally.

Thankfully, over the years the concept of using riviera has changed. It is important to remember, however, that this change is amplified by subtleties. Women who own Rivieras are eager to showcase their style to the world without hesitation. They incorporate it seamlessly into their lives no matter if they're going to work or having dinner with friends. Tennis bracelets, as an example are typically worn during the day to show off their attractiveness. In these instances a riviera bracelet can be worn with watches, other bracelets or used as a statement piece of jewelry. It is important to underline that these situations are best suited to rivieres with smaller diamonds. Rivieras with smaller diamonds can be easily integrated into daily life. Rivieras with larger diamonds however, are reserved for special occasions due to their high value.

Meaning of riviera jewellery

Riviera jewels have a personal and deep meaning that is revealed by the precious stones. In addition to their unquestionable beauty and ancient symbolism these stones are a reflection of culture and time. Each stone has a significance that can be interpreted in various ways based on the individual's beliefs as well as popular customs.

The diamond, with its dazzling shine, represents the purity, eternality and genuine love. A beautiful and luxurious object that conveys a message of durability and authenticity.

Emerald, with its intense shade of green, symbolizes the wisdom, renewal, and success. A choice that goes beyond aesthetics, and embraces personal growth and the accomplishment of goals.

Sapphire's refined shade evokes serenity and loyalty. It also brings luck. A stone that provides the wearer with a sense of peace and prosperity.

The ruby's fiery red color is a symbol of wealth, passion, and strength. A symbol of vitality and determination capable of expressing inner fire in the wearers.

It is vital to realize that the most personal meaning of a gem is directly linked to the person who wears it and their own personal perspective. Each Riviera gem is a distinct piece of art that reveals the story of the person who has chosen it. The beauty of these gems lies not only in their intrinsic beauty, as well as their ability to communicate emotions and deep meanings that transcend words.

How to select the perfect riviera rings?

Celebrations and special occasions deserve to be celebrated with an Riviera rings, a lasting symbol of love and commitment. At Scermino Gioielli we are aware of the significance of this decision and are here to assist you in selecting the right ring that tells your story.

The selection of stones

The precious stone that forms the heartbeat of every Riviera rings, is the star of this jewel. Diamonds, the custodians of ages of romance, offer not just timeless beauty, but they also promise to last forever love. The unparalleled hardness of the diamond symbolizes the strength of your vow, forming an eternal bond. When you buy or give a Riviera rings as a present you are not only giving a ring that is beautiful, but also a symbolic sign of your commitment and commitment to your partner.

While diamonds are the most sought-after option make sure you know that Riviera rings are available in a variety of choices. Sapphires are a great alternative to diamonds for those who have a smaller budget. They offer a distinctive sparkle. The most important thing is to choose carefully, as each ring is unique and has a distinct significance.

How do you choose diamonds

The 4 Cs - cut color, clarity, color and carat weight - are the main elements that determine the quality and value of a diamond. It is essential to comprehend these elements to make an informed choice. Cut impacts the diamond's ability to reflect light. Color determines the diamond's hue Clarity refers to the presence of flaws and carat weight is the size of the diamond. Here are some helpful tips. Diamonds come in a variety shapes, each with its own unique characteristic and charm. The most commonly used shapes are oval, round and teardrop cuts. Take into consideration your partner's preferences and preference when selecting the shape. Every shape is beautiful, so pick one that matches your partner's personality.

Choose the metal

The metal and setting of the ring play a significant role in its overall appearance. Find different settings to find one that best showcases your diamond, and is suited to the style of the wearer. The metal used to make the jewel whether it is gold or platinum, will alter its durability and appearance.

Finding the perfect fit

It is important that you know the size of your ring to ensure it is sized correctly. You can measure the ring by wrapping a piece of tape around your finger or a different ring should you not know the measurement. Cut the thread that is tied. When you take a measurement of the tape, you'll know the size you need. You can use our ring sizer tool to guide you through the process.

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