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Moomin (1990) Subtitles [UPD]

This series was often referred to as the fuzzy felt Moomins, due to the appearance of the characters. It is one of the two best known Moomin series, along with Moomin (1990). This version has at times been criticised for being scary in places and rather dark in tone for the young audience at which it was aimed. It is, in contrast to the 1990s series, widely believed to be by far the most faithful TV adaptation of Tove Jansson's stories, and much closer to her vision. Tove herself had a great deal of involvement during the series' production and was reportedly very happy with it (as revealed in an interview with Anne Wood in Simon Sheridan's 2007 book The A to Z of Classic Children's Television). The scripts for each episode were translated from Polish into Finnish and sent to Tove and Lars Jansson, who, if they felt that anything needed to be changed, would correct the script, expand or rewrite its parts; afterwards, the scripts were sent back and only then would production of the particular episode begin.

Moomin (1990) subtitles


Unfortunately, this series never had its English dub fully completed so fans may eventually have to switch to reading subtitles. At this point, it may be worth looking into a similar hamster anime called Pui Pui Molcar which is considered one of the best children's animes of all time by critics but never saw an English release. 041b061a72

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