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SIM Dashboard V2.9.3.0 [Pro] [Latest]

SIM Dashboard Pro v2.9.3.0 APK Capitalize on your preferred hustling sims with the SIM Dashboard Companion App. Utilize your Android cell phone or tablet as an unreservedly configurable assistant presentation. Ceate your own plans with the simple editorial manager SIM Dashboard Pro or utilize the included layouts.

SIM Dashboard v2.9.3.0 [Pro] [Latest]

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Please notice that this module in versions after 4.2.0 only supports React Native versions above 0.63.3 as it's the oldest version of React Native which support latest XCode version. Technically, it may work on older versions (test it to be sure) but they are not supported. Changes that accidentally break older react-native versions may be issued without regard to semantic versioning constraints because we do not test against the older versions. Please see this issue for an example of a previous break. Please update to current react-native versions.

There are instances when we get the backup of Production database and restore it in development environment to troubleshoot peculiar issues or to update the latest content. In those cases, if we have Coveo for Sitecore, after we restore the Sitecore master database, the linking between your Sitecore instance and Coveo cloud breaks, decryption key become invalid and you will need to link it again.

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