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Angel Scott
Angel Scott

Where To Buy Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food VERIFIED

My dog went to the vet last July & got a great check up. Vet suggested adding grain to his diet. I put him on nutrish. Headed back at the vet in Sept as he was losing so much weight. He is now in early stage kidney failure and will be on prescription food forever. He was not digesting the nutrish. This stuff should be pulled off the market. Rachael Ray should be pulled off the market herself!!

where to buy rachael ray zero grain dog food


Mi sisters dog has not been feeling well and losing weight. She took him to the vet, and when asked about what food he was eating, she said she had started him on Rachael Ray grain free a few months before. He said he could not specifically say it is the food, but hers was the 3rd dog he has seen recently that was eating that kind of food, and all had been in for not feeling well and losing weight. So she has changed the food and hopefully he will start feeling better. 041b061a72

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