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Set Mo Out My Mind Ft Jess Kent VERIFIED

She was also a role model for how to grow old joyously. "Don't try to be young," she told The AP. "Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them."

Set Mo Out My Mind Ft Jess Kent

Controversy followed Wilson and his work. Though he studied the evolution of behavior and its effect on biology, he was accused of promoting eugenics; evangelical Christians attacked him for "scientism" by ignoring God, while Marxists lambasted him for ignoring a human's experience with shaping the mind.

A limited edition 1LP pressing of Generation Xs classic debut album is a reminder of the bands powers during the early UK punk movement. Features the tracks Ready Steady Go, Promises Promises and Kiss Me Deadly, which Billy Idol still plays live today.A1 From The Heart A2 One Hundred Punks A3 Listen A4 Ready Steady Go A5 Kleenex A6 Promises Promises B1 Day By Day B2 The Invisible Man B3 Kiss Me Deadly B4 Too Personal B5 Youth Yout

In November of 1998, Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA unleashed his first solo record, and his memorable alter-ego, Bobby Digital. Bobby Digital In Stereo is essentially a soundtrack. A soundtrack to a Blaxploitation/martial arts film that never was - at least outside of the imagination of the artist and the listener - as RZA channels the martial arts superhero (or perhaps anti-hero) inspirations of his youth into his Bobby Digital persona.

Never before released on vinyl, and with their 50th Anniversary in mind in 2023, The Residents now present 'Our Finest Flowers' for your consideration again. The classic 1992 20th Anniversary album, which saw The Residents rework lyrics, melodies and themes from their entire back catalog into an album of new tracks, on vinyl for the first time. Includes an insightful new essay by JIM KNIPFEL. Celebrating twenty long dreary years of obscure stardom...

All Directions is the superb album produced by Motowns psychedelic mastermind Norman Whitfield, and includes one of The Temptations signature songs, Papa Was a Rollin Stone, Papa won three Grammy Awards in 1973: Best R&B Performance by a Group, Best R&B Instrumental Performance, and Best R&B Song. The album was #1 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart in 1972, and #2 on the Billboard Top 200, making it the bands most successful non-collaborative album on the chart. This marks the first official US reissue. SIDE A 1. Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On 2. Run Charlie Run 3. Papa Was A Rollin' Stone SIDE B 1. Love Woke Me Up This Morning 2. I Ain't Got Nothin' 3. The First Time Ever 4. Mother Nature 5. Do Your Thing

One thing of which I am mindful: there are presidential candidates making statements on or peripherally influencing their campaign platforms which have a chilling effect on the efforts all of us should be engendering our civil liberties, beyond those policies implemented following the 9/11 incidents. I keep my pledge as a civil libertarian and a constitution protector by making these statements and issues in front of myself, and my friends, as the opportunity presents itself. We should all do the same, so that as many people as possible are conscious of both existing abuses and potential ones from our future leaders. bernard - CO

It is a terrible abuse of ppower to target people simply for having a certain religion or race and often when this happens it leads to tortuous abuse on people's minds by locking them up in detention without even charging them with a crime. Carol - MA

We are not the enemy. Let us live freely amongst each other in the continent that our ancestors claimed in hope for a better unity of conscious mind, not simply the formal unification of man and his counterparts. We need a liberation from the corruption that has taken place in order to explore our new destiny. Schools need science for our future innovations and churches need to understand their purpose in community and have faith in those that come to them. The carelessness of out nation this last decade is insulting. To the world and to ourselves. Dan - GA

The attacks of 9/11 were no excuse to try to destroy civil liberties, but the actually unelected person in the White House and his cronies did their best to limit them. We need to work to not only get a pre-9/11mindset, but also pre-9/11 civil liberties - easily the most important thing we can do. David - NY

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame - Benjamin Franklin Our nation's efforts post 9/11 were developed in anger and fear anger that we had been attacked and afraid it would happen again. We allowed, as a people, our politicians and military to act is ways that that are contrary to the fundamentals of our governing system. We confirmed that we were still scared and angry by reelecting that administration in the face of the past lies and miscarriages of justice. In our defense of the American way of life we failed to protect what is mean to be American. We traded independence for the illusion of security. We allowed small minded bigotry to set our foreign policy and made civil rights unpatriotic. In our zeal to show we were not affected by the terrorist acts by making a strong and definitive statement we absolutely allowed terrorism to change us. David - OH

Our contry is in dangerous territory. Instead of we the people, we have become a nation of we the few-those who hold the wealth are managing to buy their way into our government. Our leaders use fear and misinformation to their advantage whilst attempting to remove the programs the middle class so desperately needs. Fight back, open your minds, listen and learn, and we can prevail Diana - NJ

Maintaining freedom as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Johnson, and Obama [among others] have shown us is an ongoing, lifelong task that transcends generations. Reminding ourselves of this nearly sacred commitment is important. Donald - MO

Democrat or Republican, EVERYBODY is entitled to persue their own American Dream. But Nobody can persue their American Dream if our freedoms to follow our own hearts and minds are stripped of us. Mr. President, please protect the freedom and rights of ALL Americans, not just the lucky born-rich few. Jackie - NJ

Living in a country where being attacked never crossed our minds, we let our fear lead over our common sense. That's why now more then ever we need to ensure our rights as Americans are protected. Joanne - NJ

America must and can stand united and free, above bipartisan issues and cheap-shots. We are bigger and better than the small minds that seek to profit from our collective loss. America; land of the brave and home to the free. Julian - NY

I am deeply saddened that a day which will live in horror forever ingrained in our minds and souls has become exploited, a means to support mass murder of innocent civilians and to have our basic freedoms dismissed and taken from us. Katie - IN

I want to continue to live in the country with an open mind. A country where the lawmakers we elect listen to our opinion and do their job representing us. I do not want to live in fear. I do not want to couch my disagreement in careful language. We must continue to remain the land of the free. Lucille - NY

When i heard the audience cheer about Rick Perry's brutal and ignorant execution record. it reminded me of what we are fighting against. This country was founded on justice and freedom from tyrants. We obviously still have plenty of work to do. Lucy - AL

I believe we must free our minds from ingornance which binds us to past and present opressions; only then wil we realize compassion for all races and religions, and begin to heal our fragile society. Lyda - FL

AS an educator in the public school system, I believe that our youth exhibit the ideals that this great country represented and still represents. It behooves us, who take care of these children, to continue to uphold those principles of justice, freedom and a diversity of cultural ideals. This is what made us strong, and will continue to do so. We must also participate in social justice and activism, to speak our minds, so that the next generation may also enjoy this legacy. POLLY - NY

I've been a member of the ACLU since FDR and HST... I am USAF veteran of WWII, Korean War, retired reservist...sworn " protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." I am implacably opposed to the oligarchs, the neofeudalists who want to return the country to the dark ages, to the ancient evil lords and serfs society... The ACLU is one of the strongest forces in the land for Lincoln's vision... Theme A New Birth of Freedom People forget what an incredible revolution was the Enlightenment and the founding of our country. This was a truly fundamental change; the whole shape of human history was altered as by nothing before or since, not by wars, by art, by science, by religion. Until then people universally were governed by despots who oppressed them ruthlessly, supported by priests who told the people that the rulers were divinely empowered, that failures of fealty would expose them not only to the most brutal punishment but also to afterlives of endless torment. Most everyone thought it had always been that way and always would be. The founders drew from philosophers and historians of the Enlightenment this central, truly revolutionary idea: the only way people could live free of tyrannical governance was to govern themselves. And for the founders this was not just tavern talk. They declared independence, took up arms and went to war against the ancient tyranny, the superpower of the age. And at the cost of terrible privation and suffering, at home and in battle, they won the chance to bring our country into being as home of a free people. And they established the Constitution so we could work together for the common good with protection for each. For tyrants this was a defeat; but from the beginning they have worked to subvert our self-governance. Of late this effort has grown in strength and scope. They are attacking the Constitution; they intend no less than to reshape our country on the old tyrannical model of top-down rule over a subservient population. But understanding of this threat is growing. The very damage they have done has cleared people's minds to see what Lincoln saw in another time of enormous pain and destruction: it's time for "a new birth of freedom -- so that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." And I don't care much for "SAFE" I care for the Constitution Samuel - WA 041b061a72

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