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Fhm Philippines May 2010 Pdf Free 22

Survey data on the FGM/C status of only one daughter cannot be used to estimate the prevalence of FGM/C among girls under age 15. To address this limitation, MICS and DHS in 2010 introduced changes in the standard methodology used to collect information on FGM/C among daughters. The new module asks all girls and women aged 15 to 49 about the FGM/C status of all of their daughters under age 15. As a result, prevalence estimates can be obtained for girls aged 0 to 14. A key point to be kept in mind is that the prevalence data for girls aged 0 to 14 reflect their current, but not final, FGM/C status, since some girls who have not been cut may still be at risk of experiencing the practice once they reach the customary age. Therefore, the data on prevalence for girls under age 15 is actually an underestimation of the true extent of the practice. Since age at cutting varies among settings, the amount of underestimation also varies. This should be kept in mind when interpreting all FGM/C prevalence data for this age group. Prevalence data on girls aged 0 to 14 can be used to assess the impact of recent efforts to end FGM/C since this is the age group most recently cut or at imminent risk of being cut.

Fhm Philippines May 2010 Pdf Free 22

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Known for her humanitarian efforts, Locsin has been named one of Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes and Asia's Leaders of Tomorrow by Tatler. She promotes various causes, including disaster relief, education, and women's rights. Locsin was noted for her field missions to settlement camps of internally displaced persons during the 2017 armed conflicts in Mindanao. A public figure, she was cited as the world's sexiest woman by FHM Philippines in 2005 and 2010.

Angelica Locsin Colmenares was born on April 23, 1985, in Santa Maria, Bulacan, to Angelo and Emma Colmenares.[1][2] Locsin's father was a swimmer who earned a bronze medal when the Philippine team won the 4200-meter freestyle relay during the 1954 Asian Games in Manila.[3][4] She has two younger siblings: Ella and Angelo.[1] Locsin is reluctant to publicly discuss her family background;[2] she was estranged from her mother until 2007,[2] and has ties to a noble family in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, through her maternal relatives.[5] Locsin and her siblings were raised by their father,[6] who was later diagnosed with complete blindness.[3][7] Locsin has said she regrets not being able to financially provide for her father's treatment at the onset of his condition.[7] She shares a close bond with her father and credits him as "instrumental" to her achievements.[3]

Locsin portrayed the role of Lia Ortega, the daughter of her lycan character in the second installment of the Lobo series, Imortal (2010).[44] In a review of the show, Bayani San Diego of the Philippine Daily Inquirer drew similarities between Imortal's vampire and werewolf fiction and that of The Twilight Saga,[51] he added that "creatures of the dark are all the rage today, given the popularity of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries."[51] Journalist Earl Villanueva, however, commended Locsin's character and storyline for its "easy transition into a logical sequel", and said the series "seems to be on the right track".[52] Locsin's only film appearance in 2011 was in the star-crossed romantic drama In the Name of Love with director Olivia Lamasan,[53] whose collaboration she found gratifying: "I've learned a lot, especially as to how film acting should be done ... How you use your eyes, your position, and how you maximize camera angles ... I didn't know those things before."[54] To prepare for the role of a courtesan,[53] she learned different styles of ballroom dances and trained in pole dance for three months.[54][55] Critic Julia Allende praised her portrayal, and pairing with Aga Muhlach, describing it as "the most daring she [Locsin] has ever played" and deemed it a "beautifully nuanced performance".[54] Locsin won the Star Award for Best Actress and the Box Office Entertainment Award for Film Actress of the Year for her role.[56][57] Later that year, Locsin co-starred with Vhong Navarro in the sitcom Toda Max.[44]

Since her portrayal of the superhero Darna, Locsin has been cited as a sex symbol by many sources,[132][133] including FHM Philippines who named her the world's sexiest woman in 2005 and 2010.[134] She has been included in Yes! magazine's annual beauty list in 2009, 2014, 2016, and 2018.[135] In December 2011, Locsin received a star on the Philippines Walk of Fame.[136]

Objectives:Summarize the etiology of placental abruption.Describe the pathophysiology of placental abruption.Review the presentation of a patient with placental abruption.Outline strategies for the interprofessional care team to employ for optimal management for patients with placental abruption.Access free multiple choice questions on this topic.

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