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Albert Afanasyev
Albert Afanasyev

Air Supply Greatest Hits Rar

In 2013, I traveled to Los Angeles with my girl and met several professionals at a Hallmark Hotel. Among these professionals was a gentleman named Scott who I met while giving a tour of Hollywood. I asked him if he knew a singer named Air Supply. He said he knew them when they were in high school but that he no longer listened to their music. I told him of the hit songs of Air Supply and he asked me if he should buy them. Well, I told him if he did buy them, to pick up Air Supply Greatest Hits. We looked through the songs and he picked up the album. As I made a dinner reservation for my girl and myself, I made sure to tell the rest of our group in the kitchen. They were all excited that I bought Air Supply Greatest Hits. It was a pleasure to have dinner with them. They took me to their favorite place where they buy their favorite drinks. They became like old friends after drinking that sweet juice. I felt that I got my money's worth when I bought Air Supply Greatest Hits. Its my favorite Air Supply album to this day. Its better than the Greatest Hits and Born Again albums.

Air Supply Greatest Hits Rar


Five of Air Supplys best songs from the bands early days are collected on one album. I Had To Say Goodbye collects the greatest hits of Air Supply from 1975-1979. You can hear the trios Americana sound in the songs that are on this album. I Had To Say Goodbye is the only album that Air Supply did not receive platinum. But its still a great album. The songs on this album are great and have a unique sound. None of these songs sound like any of the songs from the band. It has a unique sound like the first album that Air Supply did. The album has hits in its collection. It has a blend of very romantic ballads and haunting love songs. As a person who likes the old school ballads, I really enjoy this album. I Had To Say Goodbye is definitely a great addition to my music collection. This album is my second favorite Air Supply album.

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