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Gardening For Beginners

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Bennett White
Bennett White

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Twenty years of work and travel, twenty years ofmingling with average, sensual men and women, twentyyears' experience of inertia may have cured youngliberals of their optimism, but it should have strengthenedtheir faith. By now they have probably seen muchof what, before, was made known to them only frombooks: they have walked through factories and seengirls turned into machines by the monotonous repetitionof one part of one process; they have looked, over theside of a liner, at straining, black, half-naked men whohave already been turned into the semblance of shuffling,debased animals by the monotony of carrying coal; theyare assured, perhaps, that industrial conditions are betterin England than anywhere else, but they still wonderwhat life and what vision of beauty are possible to theseslaves of the work-room and of the coal-lighter, who arenot the less slaves because they enjoy freedom to movefrom one master to another. Sheltered indeed must bethe life of any who have not found, in twenty years, a[312]daily vent for the compassion which is the living breathof liberalism.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Book Pdf Free Download


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