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Download Sonic Labyrinth BEST

In Sonic Labyrinth, Dr. Robotnik has created the Slow Down Boots, which strip their user of both their speed and agility, and manages to trick Sonic into wearing them. Seeking the stolen Chaos Emeralds to remove the doctor's creation, the hedgehog heads into his nemesis' labyrinthic fortress, the Super Labyrinth, to get his speed back and foil the evil doctor's ambitions.

Download Sonic Labyrinth

Braving the great labyrinth, Sonic fights his way through its various contraptions and Badnik guards. Along the way, he also manages to find all but one of the Chaos Emeralds. After eventually reaching Dr. Robotnik himself and defeating him during an epic showdown, the hedgehog drives him out of Super Labyrinth and reclaims the last Emerald, which the doctor had dropped during his escape. With his speed restored, Sonic proceeds to run out of the stronghold.

The Makefile is very simple and easily understood; to build the patch, simply run `make'.The ROM image must be placed in this directory and named `labyrinth_orig.sms'; the patched ROM afte running `make' will be named `labyrinth.sms'.The Makefile assumes you are on a Unix-like operating system; if you are on Windows you can try using MSYS or Cygwin.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Level design doesn't do much to outweigh that feeling, with stages rarely challenging or stimulating. By the time you reach the fourth labyrinth the game falls back on the staple of inter-dimensional doorways, linking doors with no logical reason. We get that they're supposed to be labyrinths that require brainpower to work out, but this is lazy design.

Definitely the worst Sonic game I own or have played thankfully I skipped most of the 3D ones I'm sure some of those might actually be worse, in terms of spin offs I still like spinball personally but not really much else definitely not labyrinth.

@3DSLUIGI Actually if you where to buy this expecting a lesser sonic blast game you'd most likely be disappointed; the fact you can't jump really lessons the gameplay a lot more than you might first think, probably be better trying to get in a collection if you have a PS2 as either mega collection or gems collection has it can't remember which; but if you found that cheap at least it would have a ton of other games to go with it.

Just my opinion like anyone else, but this is a good game trapped in quicksand or a good game trapped in a seizure. I played the Genesis Sonic 3D Blast version and while it wasn't a masterpiece, I didn't feel like I was walking in slow motion or spin dashing with total lack of control either. The Game Gear version feels that way to me. That's not difficult, that is just downright frustrating. Playing this game when Sonic walks is like watching grass grow, playing this game when Sonic spin dashes is like shooting Sonic out of a rubber band, you have no idea where he may go and you can't control it. Zaps all the fun out of the game to me. Had he moved faster like the Genesis version, had the spindash been more controllable, it may not have been a perfect game but it would have been alot more enjoyable. As an idea, a 3D isometric pinball-esque sonic adventure game seems awesome, portable version on the go is even better, but as they execute it here in the game gear version. Awful. For me, it's 3 out 10 and the requirement of alot of patience.

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