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Albert Afanasyev
Albert Afanasyev

RhinoGold 5.5 VRAY 2.0 Rhino 5.12

the vraymetal plugin combines the power of v-ray with the conceptual design language of metals. with a stroke of a key you can create a procedural metal surface. you get a full suite of features and controls for real-time performance, design flexibility and interaction design straight out of the box.

RhinoGold 5.5 VRAY 2.0 Rhino 5.12

this plugin has a lot of potential in various areas, including photography, movies, animation, as well as video games. read the blog below to get some really cool examples, and check out the demo reel (it has cool stuff like floating furniture)

fresco is a new plugin that allows you to create beautiful vray models in less time with higher quality results all from one easy-to-use tool. use it as a 3d sculpting tool, or as a layout tool, or for both. fresco has been developed by user-furniture and currently supports sculpting with a brush in a tool that provides complete and realistic controls. you can sculpt directly in the v-ray material editor, without having to leave 3ds max. fresco will import any 3ds max scene, and export it to vray. it also supports standard user content of max (clouds, painted, textures, lighting) and renders in real-time. all in one super-lightweight package.

rhino is a powerful 3-d modeling and rendering application. it has a natural feel and an easy-to-use interface. when you have modeled a solid object that you want to render with a texture, you need to give your model a "material." this is a collection of textures for the surface of the object. when you save a model, rhino automatically creates a material for you called "default" by applying the colors from the background to the model. creating materials manually gives you more control over the look of the model.

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